Rajis is now on Facebook!


The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare expands in social media – we are now also on Facebook! Remember to follow our site www.facebook.com/rajayhteyspiste and also share the good news with your friends.

Like with our Twitter account, we provide information on how to use health services abroad and share topical news of Rajis. Our Facebook site provides tips on using health services abroad during holidays or longer stays, information on taking medicines abroad, information on how to get reimbursed for medical care received abroad and much more.

In addition to these, we also update Rajis’s topical news on Facebook, for example in the form of an Advent Calendar and offer sneak peaks to the preparations being made for the Nordic Travel Fair in January. Every now and again, there will be prize draws on related topics on the Facebook page.

Come and follow, like and comment our publications!


Woman at the airport