Finding health care services in Finland

In Finland, health care services are provided by public and private service providers. Responsibility for organising public health care services is borne by the municipalities and joint municipal authorities. There are also many companies, independent professionals and organisations in Finland that provide private services.

Explore in more detail the health care services in Finland. The section also provides information on treatment availability, quality, patient safety and accessibility.

  • Here you can find the contact information of hospital districts, on-call hospitals, maternity hospitals and units for rare diseases.
  • You can find information on the public basic healthcare services on the websites of the municipalities, such as (Helsinki) or (Turku). Dental services within the public health care sector can also be found on the websites of the municipalities.
  • The online service can be used to look for service providers. The website also offers information on the accessibility of services.
  • You can search for private service providers with the help of search engines, such as Google. Type in the medical service you are looking for together with the name of the city where you want to receive treatment. The private service providers in Finland are not listed in one dedicated place.
  • Further information is also available from Finland’s Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare by e-mail (yhteyspiste(at)