Client fees within public healthcare

If you are unhappy with a client fee charged for public health care, you can appeal for rectification to the wellbeing services county that organised the service. You will find instructions on how to appeal for rectification attached to the invoice or decision.

The client must receive an invoice for the client fee and a specific decision concerning the client fee. The invoice or decision must be accompanied by appeal instructions.

Prepare your appeal concerning a public health care client fee within 30 days of having received the decision.

If necessary, the patient ombudsman can help you prepare the appeal. You can receive the contact information for the patient ombudsman from your treatment provider.

If you are unhappy with the decision issued based on your appeal, you can appeal to the Administrative Court within 30 days from receiving information concerning the decision. You can also submit your appeal to the body that made the decision, which must then deliver your appeal and their own statement to the Administrative Court.

The decision of the Administrative Court can be appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court on the basis of a preliminary ruling.

Costs of treatment provided with the European Health Insurance Card

With the European Health Insurance Card, you are entitled to receive medically necessary care for the same client fee as the residents of the wellbeing services county. In specific cases, the right to treatment can also be demonstrated using another type of certificate of entitlement to treatment.

If you have presented an appropriate certificate of entitlement to medical care to the care provider and you have been erroneously charged more than the client fee of the wellbeing services county, contact the care provider in order to adjust the client fee.

You can submit an appeal on the client fee in the manner stated above.

You can also apply for reimbursement for the costs of public health care from the health insurance institute in your country of residence.