Falling ill when travelling in Finland

In emergencies call the 112 emergency number. If you come from an EU or EEA country, the United Kingdom or from Switzerland, you will receive medically necessary treatment with the European Health Insurance Card. If you come from outside the EU countries, you are entitled to urgent medical care in Finland. If you come from Australia, you are also entitled to medically necessary treatment.

In emergencies call emergency number 112. An ambulance or medical helicopter will be dispatched if necessary. You can also install the 112 Suomi application free-of-charge on your smart phone to indicate your location to the Emergency Response Centre.

In emergences you are entitled to receive emergency medical care, such as dental treatment, mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment, at any public healthcare unit in Finland. Emergency treatment refers to the immediate assessment and treatment required in the case of sudden illness, injury, worsening of a long-term illness or deterioration of functional ability.

If your need for treatment is not urgent, you can contact the health centre or hospital emergency care unit in your place of residence. If you are not sure whether your situation requires urgent care, you can call the Medical Help Helpline telephone service at 116117. The Medical Helpline provides free-of-charge telephone service almost everywhere in Finland, around the clock. You can check the service’s area of operation on the Medical Helpline’s website (in Finnish).

You can also go to a private clinic. Explore the health services in Finland here.

Coming from another EU or EEA country or from Switzerland

You will receive medically necessary treatment in Finland’s public health care system if your health care costs are covered by another EU or EEA country or Switzerland. Present your European Health Insurance Card to the treatment provider. If you come from another Nordic country, you can also present an official identity card or passport.

You will pay the same client fee as the permanent residents of Finland. If you fall ill suddenly and use private health care services, you can apply for reimbursements either from your own health insurance institution or Kela. In addition, you can apply for reimbursement from Kela with regard to medication and travels costs, when they relate to medically necessary treatment provided in private or public health care. Kela will reimburse you the costs in question in the same manner as to Finnish residents.

Medically necessary treatment refers to treatment that cannot wait for your return home. It may involve a sudden attack of illness, treatment required by a chronic condition, pregnancy monitoring or childbirth. Treatment is provided so that you can safely return home in accordance with your original plan. A health care professional will evaluate the type of treatment you require and the necessary schedule for the treatment.

Coming from outside EU countries

You are entitled to urgent medical care within Finnish public health care. You may also seek treatment in private health care. You are responsible for all treatment costs yourself. It is recommended to take out travel insurance.

If you reside permanently in Australia, you are entitled to receive medically necessary treatment within public health care during your stay in Finland. You will receive treatment within public health care at the same client fees as Finnish residents when you present a valid Australian passport. You can also demonstrate your right to treatment by using a passport from another country if it indicates your unlimited right of residence in Australia. Your permanent address of residence must be in Australia. You can also use the services of Finland’s private health care and you can apply for reimbursement from Kela for the costs of medically necessary treatment.

If you arrived from the United Kingdom or Northern Ireland and are staying in Finland temporarily, you can prove your right to medically necessary treatment with either the European Health Insurance Card issued during the EU membership of the United Kingdom or the Brexit transition period, the Citizens Rights Card or the Global Health Insurance Cards (GHIC). With each of the above cards, you will also be reimbursed for the costs of treatment provided in private health care, medicines prescribed by a doctor and trips made due to the treatment of an illness.