Student medical care abroad

Going on an exchange? Doing a degree abroad? This page contains information and useful links in case you need medical care abroad.

Before departure

Apply for a European Health Insurance Card from Kela.

Check your travel insurance.

Make sure you have the necessary medications and vaccinations.

Things to remember

  1. Check with Kela whether you are still covered by Finnish social security during your studies abroad.
  2. Apply for a European Health Insurance Card from Kela.
  3. Check the terms of your travel insurance.
  4. Take with you your medications and prescriptions.
  5. If you want to purchase medication while abroad, ask your doctor to provide a medical prescription for purchasing medication abroad.
  6. Find out about the health care services of your destination country.

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Your entitlement to treatment in the new country of study

Living abroad due to studies is usually regarded as temporary residence. In this case, you remain covered by Finnish health insurance and your entitlement to treatment is determined in accordance with the agreements between Finland and the destination country. In EU or EEA countries, United Kingdom and in Switzerland, you will receive medically necessary care with the European Health Insurance Card.

Your entitlement to treatment in your destination country and in Finland is determined by Kela. Always notify Kela of a move abroad for longer than three months. Also inform Kela if you work abroad, as it may affect your entitlement to treatment. Also submit a notification of move to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Your entitlement to treatment depends on

  • whether you go to another EU country or outside the EU;
  • how long you will be staying; and
  • whether you will also be working.

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