Follow-up treatment for treatment received in Finland

If your follow-up treatment takes place abroad, ensure that information concerning your care is passed to the party responsible for your follow-up treatment. If your follow-up treatment takes place in Finland, it will adhere to the Finnish treatment practices.

Follow-up treatment may involve rehabilitation, follow-up inspections, laboratory tests or other types of medical follow-up. You can receive follow-up treatment in Finland in the same manner as any other treatment, if a doctor deems the treatment as necessary in view of the duration of your stay in Finland. However, you do not have to seek follow-up treatment in Finland for treatment provided in Finland, but you can also continue your treatment abroad.

If you continue your treatment abroad, deliver the medical records concerning your treatment to the party responsible for your follow-up treatment. In Finland, medical records are usually provided in Finnish or Swedish. If necessary, have them translated into other languages. If you receive follow-up treatment abroad, it will adhere to the treatment practices and legislation of the country in question.

Complications of treatment

Complications may mean that a patient requires more demanding treatment than was originally planned. Treatment in intensive care or new surgeries may be required, for example. Complications may extend the treatment time and increase treatment costs.

If you have travelled to Finland to seek treatment from an EU or EEA country or from Switzerland and there is a complication in the treatment, the treatment may be regarded as urgent medical care. In view of treatment costs, such follow-up treatment is seen as medically necessary treatment that is available by presenting the European Health Insurance Card in the same manner and for the same client fee as the residents of Finland.