Reimbursement of travel costs if you seek treatment abroad

If you travel to another EU country to use the health care services provided there, Kela will reimburse you for the travel costs corresponding to the costs for travelling to the nearest place of treatment in Finland, where you would have received the necessary treatment.

If you travel outside of the EU or EEA countries, Switzerland or United Kingdom for the purpose of using health care services, your travel costs will not be reimbursed.

Claim reimbursement of travel costs from Kela.

Travel relating to treatment provided with a prior authorisation

If Kela has granted you prior authorisation for treatment in another EU or EEA country, Switzerland or in United Kingdom,  your travel costs will be reimbursed retrospectively from Finland up to your place of treatment. You must generally only pay the deductible yourself.

Kela will always reimburse for travel costs according to the cheapest means of travel. On a trip beyond the nearby regions, a flight in economy class can be reimbursed without a separate medical certificate. If your illness, a severe injury or traffic conditions require the use of a special vehicle, such as a taxi, ambulance, ambulance plane or ambulance helicopter, Kela will reimburse the incurred costs based on a doctor’s certificate.

Travel relating to treatment purchased as an outsourced service from abroad

If public health care arranges your treatment by purchasing it as an outsourced service from another EU or EEA country or from Switzerland, Kela will reimburse your travel costs up to the place of treatment retrospectively if you have paid them yourself. Travel costs to other countries are not reimbursed.

Travel costs are reimbursed to the place of treatment located in another EU or EEA country or in Switzerland where the examinations were carried out, the treatment was provided or the rehabilitation was arranged and which is listed in the promissory note.

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