Follow-up treatment for treatment received abroad

You will be provided with any necessary follow-up treatment in the Finnish public health care system on the same basis as would apply if the original treatment had been given in Finland. The attending doctor will assess your treatment need and decide on your treatment.

You will receive treatment on the basis of an assessment of the need for treatment made by the doctor caring for you in a public healthcare unit, even if it is a matter of follow-up care for treatment provided abroad. Follow-up treatment may involve, for example, post-operative wound care, laboratory tests, a check-up, physiotherapy or other rehabilitation.

The treatment you are given in Finland is not affected by your reason for obtaining care abroad; rather care is always provided in accordance with the treatment need assessment. The doctor treating you in Finland will determine what kind of follow-up care is needed. The treatment practice in Finland may differ from the instructions concerning your follow-up care given by the doctor who treated you abroad.

If you have received treatment abroad and need follow-up care in Finland, contact your health centre to arrange this.