Moving abroad

When you move abroad, your entitlement to treatment is determined according to the country of destination, and the purpose and duration of your residence. You can request Kela to determine your right to treatment in Finland in connection with a move to an EU or EEA country or to Switzerland. When you move abroad, the Local Register Office registers the municipality of residence.

If you move abroad, you should inform Kela if you are paid any benefits by Kela or have a European Health Insurance Card. Submit a notification of move to the Local Register Office too. You can request Kela to determine your right to receive treatment in Finland and in your new country of residence after your move. The Local Register Office will determine whether you will have a municipality of residence after you move. If you will continue to have a municipality of residence, you may use public health care services in Finland like before.

EU legislation secures your rights to use health care services in the destination country when you move to another EU or EEA country or to Switzerland. If your stay abroad is temporary (usually less than six months), you will receive in the destination country medically necessary treatment by presenting the European Health Insurance Card. If you move for a period of over six months, receiving treatment usually requires registration with the health insurance institution of the destination country.

If you move outside EU and EEA countries or Switzerland, the legislation of the destination country will determine the extent of health care services available to you. It is recommended that you ascertain your right to receive health care services in the destination country, and the payments concerning them in advance. In addition, it is recommended that you acquire, if necessary, private insurance which covers any costs arising from treatment.

If you move abroad as a student or researcher, employee or pensioner, it may impact your entitlement to treatment.