What do I do in an emergency abroad?

If you need urgent medical care while abroad, call the emergency number or go to the nearest hospital. You can also obtain help from a travel organiser, a Finnish diplomatic or consular mission or diplomatic mission of another EU country or from various organisations.

The emergency number in all EU countries is 112. In addition, 112 is also the emergency number in Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Israel, Russia and Turkey.

You can also obtain help and advice from the following bodies during your stay abroad:

Travel organisers

If you are on a package tour, the local representatives of the travel organiser, such as tourist guides, will provide assistance, if necessary, in the case of illness, accident or other misfortunes.

If the package tour does not include the service of a guide, you can contact the representative indicated by the travel organiser. If there is not a representative in the destination or in the vicinity, contact the travel organiser in Finland.

Finnish representation in country of residence

Finland´s diplomatic missions and consulates abroad provide help for Finnish citizens or foreigners permanently residing in Finland who find themselves in emergency situations.

The authorities of the country in which you are temporarily staying can notify the Finnish diplomatic or consular mission should you fall ill or suffer an accident if you do not have any friends or relations travelling with you and the travel organiser cannot get in touch with your next of kin. The diplomatic or consular mission can also assist in reaching next of kin in Finland.

In the case of a death abroad, the diplomatic or consular mission can assist in repatriation of the body of the deceased and in other practical arrangements.

Be aware that diplomatic or consular missions cannot pay hospital or hotel bills or make financial commitments, for example, for hospital treatment.

Further information about the possibilities of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to provide assistance abroad can be obtained from the Unit for Consular Assistance in the Foreign Ministry

  • 24/7 service +358 9 160 555 55 when calling from abroad
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs, switchboard +358 295 350 000 when calling from abroad

If there is no Finnish diplomatic or consular mission in your destination country, you can obtain assistance in an emergency situation from the diplomatic missions of another EU country.

SOS International’s travel emergency service

SOS International assists Nordic travellers worldwide in collaboration with a number of travel insurance companies.

Call the travel emergency centre on +45 701 050 54. The emergency service is on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Church and NGOs

Finnish NGOs and other bodies operating abroad can also be of assistance abroad.

  • The Finnish Seamen’s Missions operate in Northern Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Greece.
  • Finland Society’s (Suomi-Seura) advice service provides you with information, support and guidance in issues related to both living abroad and remigration.

Kela’s Centre for International Affairs

If your European Health Insurance Card has been lost or you do not have a card, Kela’s Centre for International Affairs can send you a certificate to replace the card. If necessary, the certificate can also be sent directly to the hospital.


Telephone numbers stored in your mobile phone for emergencies may be useful when you travel abroad. Store the telephone number of a relative or friend under the acronym ICE (in care of emergency). This will make it easier to contact next of kin, if necessary.

You can also watch this instructional video released by the police for sudden dangerous situations (In Finnish).