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Status of an underage patient

The opinion of an underage patient must be taken into account in their treatment whenever it can be considered feasible in view of their age and level of development.

If the age and level of development of an underage patient allow them to make decisions concerning their treatment, then treatment must be provided in cooperation with the patient. If an underage patient is able to decide on their treatment, they may forbid the provision of information concerning their state of health and treatment to their custodian or other legal representative.

A doctor or other healthcare professionals will evaluate whether a child or young person is able to decide on their own treatment.

If an underage patient cannot decide on their own treatment, they must be treated in cooperation with their custodian or other legal representative.

The custodian or other legal representative of an underage patient is not entitled to forbid necessary treatment that is required to prevent a risk to the patient’s life or health.