Treatment costs in Finland for foreign patients

In Finland, you must pay either the municipal resident’s client fee for treatment received in public health care or all costs of the treatment. The payment is affected by the country from which you came to Finland, whether you have fallen suddenly ill during your stay in Finland or whether you have travelled to Finland for the express purpose of utilising the health care services.

A statutory client fee is always charged to patients in Finnish public health care. In addition to this, the actual costs of the treatment can be charged to you in the following cases:

  • You have come to Finland to seek treatment and you do not have prior authorisation from your country of residence (form S2)
  • You are coming from a country other than an EU or EEA country, United Kingdom or Switzerland and you do not have a municipality of residence in Finland or are not otherwise entitled to treatment in the country
  • You do not present a certificate of your treatment right, such as a European Health Insurance Card, in public health care

In private health care, you pay the price determined by the service producer. You can claim reimbursement later on from Kela or from your own health insurance institution, if you live in an EU or EEA country or Switzerland and have received medically necessary treatment in private health care.