For health care professionals

These pages contain a collection of information for health care professionals who, for example, serve foreign customers or Finnish customers who are seeking treatment abroad. Among other things, the pages cover the access to treatment for patients from abroad in Finnish public health care, charging treatment costs and sending patients abroad for treatment.

Kela and medical care in international situations

If you need additional information on the right of customers to receive health services in Finland or abroad, contact Kela’s Centre for International Affairs. You can also contact the Centre for International Affairs for matters relating to state reimbursement of treatment costs.

In the Kela chat, you can ask about all benefits based on illness or disability. The advice given in the chat is general advice, so you cannot ask about matters relating to an individual person.

Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare

Each member state of the European Union has its own Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare. In Finland, the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare operates in conjunction with Kela. It provides general information on cross-border healthcare and the implementation of applicable laws and agreements. The contact point primarily provides information on the site. Additionally, the contact point provides service by email at

The “Country-specific information about health services” pages contain information on health services in more than 50 countries. Additional information on matters relating to treatment can be obtained from authorities in the target country and national contact points for cross-border healthcare.

Kanta services

The particular responsibilities of the Kanta services include the electronic prescription, the Patient Data Repository, the Pharmaceutical Database and the administration of patient consent. Kanta services provide comprehensive information, instructions and tools for health care professionals. The pages also contain frequently asked questions and answers (in Finnish and Swedish) about using Kelain and signing into Kanta services, among other things.