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Are you travelling abroad? Are you considering treatment abroad? Are you travelling to study abroad? Read our example stories on how to exercise your right to receive treatment in practice if you fall ill during your stay abroad or travel to another country for treatment.

Are you going on holiday abroad?

Eveliina’s stomach flu on holiday in the Canaries

Falling ill on holiday in Europe

Joona’s scooter crash in Thailand

Accident on holiday outside Europe

Are you considering treatment abroad?

Jorma’s dental care in Estonia

Seeking treatment without prior authorisation

Leena’s twin pregnancy care in Germany

Seeking treatment with prior authorisation

Are you going to study abroad?

Milla’s bicycle accident in Germany

As a student in an EU or EEA country, United Kingdom or Switzerland

How Timo beat the flu in Chile

As a student outside the EU/EEA countries, United Kingdom and Switzerland