Rehabilitation abroad

You can seek and use rehabilitation services abroad. Establish your possibility to seek rehabilitation abroad either with your insurance company or Kela. Rehabilitation services abroad may differ from rehabilitation provided in Finland.

If you need rehabilitation as a result of a traffic accident, occupational accident or occupational disease, Kela is not responsible for arranging rehabilitation. It is the responsibility of the insurance company. Agree in advance with your insurance company on the procedures if you intend to go abroad to obtain rehabilitation

If Kela is responsible for arranging your rehabilitation, contact Kela to determine the possibility of seeking rehabilitation abroad.

In Finland, physiotherapy is reimbursed under health insurance. You can independently travel abroad to receive physiotherapy and apply for reimbursements for the care retrospectively. Kela reimburses care according to reimbursement rates (in Finnish) for private medical treatment.

Each country provides rehabilitation services in accordance with its own legislation and national system. Rehabilitation may differ from rehabilitation provided to you in Finland.