Restricting the reception of patients

In exceptional cases, the reception of persons seeking treatment from other EU countries can be temporarily limited.

In exceptional situations, the wellbeing services county can limit the admission of persons from other EU countries for a fixed period if the availability of treatment to municipal residents at a public health care unit is compromised. The limitation of admission can only apply to an individual part of health care operations for which the limitation is justified, for example, a specific treatment queue or the services of a particular special field.

An administrative decision must be issued on limiting admission for customers coming from abroad. The decision can be valid for one year at a time. The decision must be reported to the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, the Regional State Administrative Agency and the Contact Point for Cross-Border Health Care. The limitation of admission only applies to cases where a person comes to Finland from another EU country for the express purpose of seeking treatment.

If a health care unit has decided to limit the admission of patients from abroad, the limitation also applies to the patients coming to Finland for treatment who have prior authorisation from another EU or EEA country, the United Kingdom or Switzerland.