Follow-up treatment

Your follow-up treatment must be arranged in a manner where you are referred to the doctor or dentist that previously treated you whenever this is feasible in terms of the appropriate organisation of the treatment. If necessary, a follow-up treatment plan and a rehabilitation plan will be drawn up for you.

The preparation of the follow-up treatment and rehabilitation plan will involve considerations related to physical rehabilitation, adaptation coaching, career guidance, instruction in the use of aids, psychosocial rehabilitation and nutritional advice as well as evaluations of your ability to work and your return to work.

If necessary, your next of kin or companion can be involved in the planning of follow-up treatment. The plan is always drawn up in cooperation with you. Take an active role in the preparation of your follow-up treatment plan and do not hesitate to ask if you have a question on your mind. Express your wishes regarding the arrangement of follow-up treatment. Save your epicrises and prescriptions. An epicrisis is a summary of the progress and treatment of the illness that is drawn up after the treatment ends. Follow all received instructions concerning medication, care, hygiene and nutrition. If necessary, request all instructions in writing.