Province of Quebec

In emergencies call 911 to obtain help.

Social security agreement

Finland has a social security arrangement with the Province of Quebec. Entitlement to medical care applies to

  • persons working temporarily in Quebec
  • employees posted from Finland to Quebec
  • researchers and students
  • family members of the above-mentioned.

In other circumstances, for example, on a tourist trip, you will be responsible for the costs of treatment provided in Quebec. It is therefore recommended that you take out comprehensive travel insurance.

If you travel to Quebec as a posted employee, researcher, person working temporarily, student or a family member of previously mentioned, you must first register with the Quebec Health Insurance Plan (Régie de l’assurance maladie) in order to obtain medical care in the same way as local residents. After registration, you will be entitled to, among other services, medical treatment, hospital care and, in part, dental treatment. You will also get the local Health Insurance Card. Read more about registration under Moving abroad.

Healthcare and medical care

You can find more information about Canada’s healthcare system at the country specific information of Canada.


Most doctors participate in the Health Insurance Plan. Treatment is free when you present the Health Insurance Card issued by the Quebec Health Insurance Plan in conjunction with a doctor´s visit. The Health Insurance Plan remunerates these doctors directly for the services they provide. Check with the doctor beforehand whether he or she participates in the Plan.

A small number of doctors do not accept the Health Insurance Card. They invoice the client, who can seek reimbursement from the Health Insurance Plan afterwards. These doctors must inform clients of their status.

In addition, some doctors, who have opted out of the Health Insurance Plan (non-participants), do not accept the Health Insurance Card. You cannot seek reimbursement afterwards for cost of the services of these doctors. Non-participating doctors, too, must inform their patients of their status.

You will usually need a doctor´s referral for hospital treatment. If you need urgent medical care, you can go to a hospital directly. Emergency medical care is free if you have a health insurance card issued by the Quebec Health Insurance Plan.


You have to pay for your own dental costs. However, the employer’s insurance may cover all or part of the dental costs of the employee and their family members. More information on dental services for children is available on the Quebec Health Insurance Board (Régie de l’assurance maladie) website. Dental services are also available during the school day for children in primary school. Some schools have a travelling dentist who cleans and examines the children’s teeth.


Only certain groups are eligible for the reimbursement of prescription drugs under the Health Insurance Plan. In order to be reimbursed for prescription drugs, a person must insured in the separate Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan, for which only persons over the age of 65, the economically disadvantaged and persons unable to take out a private plan are eligible.

If you not covered under the public plan, you are recommended to take out a private plan. Private plans are available either through employment or through membership in a trade union. In that case, prescription drugs will be reimbursed in accordance with the terms of the insurance plan.

Healthcare and medical care in Canada

Healthcare services are extremely expensive for people travelling to Canada on a temporary basis. A doctor´s appointment alone can cost over a hundred Canadian dollars, and hospital expenses can rise to several thousand Canadian dollars. Thus, when travelling to Canada you should take out comprehensive travel insurance.

Canada has a national health insurance program which aims to ensure that everyone has reasonable access to medically necessary healthcare services. Persons covered by Canada´s health insurance program have access to services on a prepaid basis, but those staying in the country on a temporary basis pay the full rate for services.

In general, healthcare services in Canada are excellent and, for example, the services of specialists and laboratories are widely available. You need a referral from a general practitioner to see a specialist. However, it can sometimes be difficult to get an appointment quickly and smoothly if you are not covered by the national health insurance program. You can get treatment faster at a private medical centre. You may have to pay for the visit yourself first, even if you have taken out travel insurance.