Patient’s means of legal protection and appeals

You are entitled to appeal if you are unhappy with the received treatment, the invoicing of the costs incurred by the treatment or a decision by Kela.

The authority processing the appeal and the appeal procedures depend on the nature of the matter.

Appeals can be addressed to the following authorities:

  • Wellbeing services counties organising healthcare
  • Regional State Administrative Agencies
  • The National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira)
  • The Social Security Appeals Board
  • The Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court
  • The Insurance Court.

For treatment injuries, the claim is addressed to the Patient Insurance Centre.

Parliamentary Ombudsman

You can file a complaint with the Parliamentary Ombudsman if you suspect that an authority or civil servant has not followed the law or has failed to fulfil their duties. You can also file a complaint if you suspect that basic rights or human rights have not been appropriately considered.

The ombudsman cannot change an authority decision. However, the ombudsman may perform an investigation and issue a notice to the authority or even press charges against them.

  • The Parliamentary Ombudsman supervises that courts of law and other authorities and civil servants follow the law and fulfil their duties. The supervision also includes other public servants, such as public healthcare professionals.
  • A complaint can be filed with the Parliamentary Ombudsman when, for example, you suspect that an official has exceeded their mandate, the processing of a matter has been delayed or the conduct of the official has been unprofessional.
  • A complaint cannot be filed for a matter that is over two years old or a matter where the appeal process or court processing is still under way.