Price information for private health care services

These statistics show the median prices, by service provider, for certain common health care services produced in the private sector.

The data are based on Kela's register of compensations for medical expenses (1.7.-31.12.2023), which means that only compensated consultations and procedures are included. The median prices are shown before deduction of the national health insurance compensation and do not include any administrative fees charged by the service provider.

The statistics cover private health care providers who have signed an agreement on direct compensation with Kela and whose address details have been entered into Kela's register of private health care providers. The statistics do not include private practitioners because their practice locations are not registered by Kela. The names and addresses of service providers are retrieved from registers maintained by the Regional State Administrative Agencies and Valvira.

We will continue to update these statistics and are grateful for any comments: tilastot(at)

In the table, first choose the special field, such as general practitioner. After that, select the municipality. You can browse the table using the arrows at the top of the table, or by selecting a line (by clicking a line with the mouse) and scrolling it sideways using the arrow keys of your computer.