Reimbursement for overnight accommodation in Finland and abroad

Kela may reimburse treatment-related overnight accommodation costs on certain conditions.

Kela will reimburse the costs of overnight accommodation at the place of treatment or rehabilitation if you need to stay the night

  • in order to be on time for the examination, treatment or rehabilitation when public transport connections are lacking;
  • in order to avoid two-way travelling between your home and the place of treatment due to breaks in examinations and treatments; or
  • in order to reduce risks related to pregnancy, in which case the prerequisite is that a doctor has assessed the state of your pregnancy.

Kela will also pay reimbursement for the overnight accommodation costs of an accompanying person or family member if you have a certificate from health care that an accompanying person or family member is required for your trip.

Claim reimbursement for overnight costs and the accompanying person’s costs from Kela.