Falling ill outside the EU

In a country other than an EU or EEA country, the United Kingdom, Switzerland or Australia, you will receive treatment based on the legislation and health care system of the destination country. You will usually have to pay for the costs arising from your treatment yourself, therefore it is recommended that you take out private health insurance.

You are entitled to urgent medical care outside the EU and EEA countries, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Australia.  You are responsible for the costs of your treatment. Taking out travel insurance is recommended.


In Australia, you can receive medically necessary treatment in the country’s public health care system during a temporary stay by presenting your Kela card and passport. Treatment is provided at the same price as residents based on the social security agreement between Finland and Australia.

However, the social security agreement does not cover students and researchers temporarily residing in Australia. If you are a student or researcher, you must take out private insurance covering medical treatment and medication costs.