Falling ill in the EU

You will receive medically necessary treatment in another EU or EEA country, in the United Kingdom or in Switzerland if you fall ill suddenly or require treatment for a worsening chronic condition, or on account of pregnancy or childbirth. You will receive treatment at the same price and on the same terms as local residents when you present a European Health Insurance Card to the public health care service of the relevant country.

A doctor will assess your need for treatment: you will receive treatment so that you will not have to discontinue your trip due to the need for treatment. The European Health Insurance Card can be used in the public health care and in private health care locations who have an agreement with public health care.

The duration of your residence affects the extent of treatment provided

When a doctor or other health care professional assesses your treatment, the duration of your stay in the country will be taken into account.

The treatment and extent thereof will depend on the legislation of the country in which you are staying. The treatment may not be identical to treatment received in Finland.

Find out whether the treatment provider accepts the European Health Insurance Card

If you need treatment, find out whether the treatment provider accepts the European Health Insurance Card. If the treatment provider accepts the card, you will receive treatment on the same terms and at the same price as local residents.

The European Health Insurance Card does not mean free services for patients. The health care services that you would receive at no cost in Finland may be subject to charge in another country. The client fees for health care also vary in different countries.

If the treatment provider does not accept the European Health Insurance Card, you will have to pay the costs of treatment yourself. In this case, you can apply for reimbursement from the country’s health insurance institution or from Kela within six months of paying the costs.