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Social security agreement

Canada and Finland have concluded a social security agreement which covers national and survivors´ pensions, but not medical care. Finland also has a social security arrangement with the Province of Quebec. Under the agreement, certain categories of people are entitled to medical services in Quebec. Read more about medical care in the Province of Quebec.

Healthcare and medical care

Healthcare services are extremely expensive for people travelling to Canada on a temporary basis. A doctor´s appointment alone can cost over a hundred Canadian dollars, and hospital expenses can rise to several thousand Canadian dollars. Thus, when travelling to Canada you should take out comprehensive travel insurance.

Canada has a national health insurance program which aims to ensure that everyone has reasonable access to medically necessary healthcare services. Persons covered by Canada´s health insurance program have access to services on a prepaid basis, but those staying in the country on a temporary basis pay the full rate for services.

In general, healthcare services in Canada are excellent and, for example, the services of specialists and laboratories are widely available. You need a referral from a general practitioner to see a specialist. However, it can sometimes be difficult to get an appointment quickly and smoothly if you are not covered by the national health insurance program. You can get treatment faster at a private medical centre. You may have to pay for the visit yourself first, even if you have taken out travel insurance.