In emergencies call 100 (police) or 101 (ambulance) to obtain help.

Social security agreement

A social security agreement has been concluded between Israel and Finland covering national and survivors´ pension as well as child benefit and maternity grant. With respect to posted employees, the agreement also applies to health insurance and parental benefits. An employee who is posted from Finland to Israel and who is accompanied by family members remains covered under Finnish legislation and is entitled to all Finnish health insurance benefits. The agreement does include provisions on the provision of medical care when the person resides in the other country party to the agreement on a temporary basis.

Healthcare and medical care

When moving to Israel, foreign citizens can apply for membership of a health insurance fund. In general, the healthcare system in Israel is of a high standard. The network of hospitals and health centres is extensive. Many doctors also have studied abroad and usually speak English. Specialist services are comprehensively available.

The website of Israel´s Ministry of Health provides information on the cost of public healthcare for foreigners. The services are usually more expensive than for the local residents. If necessary, you can request a doctor to come to your hotel. In emergencies, you can to directly to a hospital´s emergency room.

When travelling to Israel, you should take out comprehensive travel insurance.

If you are health insured in Finland, and have received treatment in some other country than an EU or EEA country or Switzerland on account of a sudden illness, worsening of a chronic condition, pregnancy or childbirth, you can apply for reimbursement from Kela retrospectively. You are entitled for the same reimbursement that you would have received if you had been treated in the private healthcare system in Finland. Please note that the reimbursement usually covers only a small part of the costs of the treatment. Thus, taking out a comprehensive travel insurance is recommended.


In Israel, the number of dentists in relation to the population is high. The majority practise privately. Health insurance funds do not usually cover dental care for residents in Israel. Residents can, however, purchase supplementary insurance through which dental services can be obtained without charge or at a reduced fee. The range of specialist dental services is comprehensive.


Pharmacies are well stocked and widely available in Israel. There are also pharmacies on duty for emergencies in large towns.