Accessibility of the online service is at a good level


The Web Accessibility Directive and subsequent national legislation require public authorities to make digital services accessible. The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare published an accessibility statement on its website on 23 September 2020. . Accessibility is especially important for people with sensory impairments. However, the good accessibility of online services benefits all of us – […]

If you contract COVID-19 in Finland, the cost of treatment may vary


You have the right to receive free treatment in Finland for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus  if you are a registered resident of a Finnish municipality if you are not a registered resident of a Finnish municipality but you have a certificate of entitlement to medical care: Persons from another EU or EEA […] You can now obtain medicines in Portugal on a Finnish electronic prescription – medicines are available in Finland on Portuguese and Croatian prescriptions


Medicines can be bought abroad on a Finnish prescription, provided that you have given your consent in My Kanta Pages on passing information to a foreign pharmacy. The movement of prescriptions between countries benefits not only tourists, but also those living abroad and those who work outside their own country. “There are Finns living in […]

Country where Finns most often sought treatment in 2019 was Estonia – cross-border health care statistics


The statistical information on the cross-border health care compiled by the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare and Kela show, among other things, how much reimbursements for medical care has been paid by Kela for treatment given abroad and countries where Finns most often seek treatment. You can view the statistical information via the contact point’s […] Estonian citizens can now purchase medicines in Finland with an e-prescription issued in their own country


Estonian e-prescriptions are accepted in all pharmacies in Finland. In order to purchase the medicines, the customer must visit the pharmacy in person and show an identification document with a photo. “Even at the present time there are Estonian citizens in Finland, for example, due to their work, who may need to use prescriptions issued […]

Access to free treatment for COVID-19 in Finland: Changes to eligibility


Under the new guidance, free treatment for COVID-19 is not available to persons who are not registered residents of a Finnish municipality or who do not qualify for a certificate on entitlement to medical care. The new guidance is effective since 11 May 2020 and is applied for patients, whose treatment started 11th May or […]

Possible to receive treatment abroad with the European Health Insurance Card also during the coronavirus epidemic – however, avoid all recreational travel


In the EU and EEA countries and in Switzerland you receive medically necessary treatment for the local user fee when you show a European Health Insurance Card issued by Kela to the caregiver. Medically necessary treatment means treatment that cannot wait until you return home. The need of treatment is assessed by the doctor providing […]

Right to medical care to remain unchanged during the Brexit transition period


The EU and the United Kingdom have negotiated an EU–UK withdrawal (Brexit) agreement, which will enter into force on 1 February 2020. The agreement includes a transition period until 31 December 2020. You will retain your right to medical care and reimbursements for medical costs in the UK while residing temporarily or living there until […]

Win tickets for the Matka Nordic Travel Fair 2020 and visit our stand 6p60


The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare and Kela will be at the Matka Nordic Travel Fair 2020 on 16–19 January 2020 at stand 6p60. As before, you can come to our stand to order a European Health Insurance Card and ask the experts about healthcare services and health care abroad. We will also be showcasing […]

European cooperation regarding rare diseases


The has been revamped. The page now offers more detailed information on the work of the European Reference Networks. You can also read , a real-life example of how the networks operate. What are European Reference Networks for rare diseases? The European Commission established the in 2017 to promote the diagnosis and treatment of […]