Kanta.fi: If you consent, your patient data can be accessed in Estonia


It is vital for high-quality care that health care professionals have access to up-to-date health data on their patients, even if they are from abroad. You can now give your consent in MyKanta to the disclosure of your patient to Estonian health care services if you are receiving treatment in Estonia. If you have […]

Information sharing, cooperation and development: New committee of online service EU-healthcare.fi convened


EU-healthcare.fi, the online service of the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare, is provided in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. The operations of the contact point take place within Kela, and the contact point develops its […]

Keep these things in mind when using the services of a foreign online clinic


Today, there are different online clinics that can provide treatment across borders. In general, provider of health services can often provide remote services, in which case the patient does not have to travel to another country to receive treatment. When you use the services of a clinic located in another country or solely online, it […]

From internship to career – Read the stories of three former interns at the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare


Sara Kettunen, Katja Lehtinen and Sanna Halunen each worked at the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare as university interns. The experience gained them career plans, self-confidence and tools for improved communications.

Kela: For the time being, Finland will not introduce the prior authorisation procedure under the EU’s Patient Directive for medical treatment abroad


Finland was due to introduce a new prior authorisation procedure under the EU’s Patient Directive at the beginning of 2024 for patients seeking medical treatment in an EU or EEA country, Switzerland, Great Britain or Northern Ireland. However, Finland will not introduce the prior authorisation procedure for the time being, as there are currently no […]

Treatment of Finnish patients in Estonia will become easier – Estonian healthcare will soon be able to utilise Finnish patient data


In order to ensuring the continuity of care, it is important that healthcare professionals abroad have access to their Finnish patients’ up-to-date health data. As of early 2024, Finns can give their consent to the sharing of their patient data with Estonian healthcare providers for the purpose of their treatment. If the consent has been […]

Register for a client interview collecting information about seeking treatment abroad


The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare collects information about clients seeking treatment abroad. Seeking treatment means that you travel abroad for the express purpose of receiving treatment. If you have received treatment abroad on account of a sudden illness or accident, this is not counted as seeking treatment. The purpose of the information collection is […]

Survey finds Contact Point reliable and professional


Collecting information to improve service We are developing the operations of the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare to be able to serve our customers and partners even better. The Contact Point distributes information on using health services in Finland and abroad. Our primary service channels are EU-healthcare.fi and our email customer service (yhteyspiste@kela.fi). We wanted […]

Dental care is most often sought in Estonia – see the statistics on cross-border healthcare


The statistics on cross-border healthcare contain information, for example, on which countries people from Finland sought treatment in and how Kela reimbursed for treatment provided abroad. The statistics compiled by the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare and Kela can be found on the Contact Point’s Slideshare account. There are separate statistics on seeking dental care. […]

Услуги здравоохранения для прибывших в Финляндию из Украины: при наличии местожительства услуги здравоохранения вместо приемных центров оказывают регионы по обеспечению благополучия населения


Читать новость на украинском языке В Финляндии право на получение услуг здравоохранения, как правило, основывается на наличии местожительства (kotikunta). Если вы прожили в Финляндии больше года и зарегистрировали свое местожительство в Агентстве цифровой информации и учета населения (Digi- ja väestötietovirasto)., это также влияет на доступные вам услуги здравоохранения. Если вы зарегистрировали свое местожительство, вы можете […]