Kela: Henceforth, students in higher education who have social security coverage in another EU/EEA country or in Switzerland or the United Kingdom do not have to pay the student healthcare fee


The national application of the EU Regulation on social security (883/2004) was changed, so that now also student health services for students in higher education falls within the scope of application of the Regulation. Under the EU Regulations governing social security coverage for persons who move between the EU countries, you can only be […]

Impact of COVID-19 still reflected in statistics on seeking treatment


The statistics compiled by the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare and Kela contain information on which countries people from Finland have sought treatment in and how much Kela has paid in reimbursements for treatment provided abroad. The statistics have been compiled in the Contact Point’s , which also contains . Seeking treatment refers to […] EU Digital COVID Certificates will be issued until 30 June 2023


The EU Digital COVID Certificate was first introduced in June 2021. It was originally in force until 30 June 2022. Although the regulation is now extended by one year, the need for the certificate will be reassessed in six months’ time. The EU wants to repeal the certificate as soon as the health situation […]

Take our website user survey!


We are constantly developing our website to better meet the users’ needs. We would appreciate it if you could help us with this development work by responding to the survey. The survey includes 11 questions and takes about 5 minutes to complete. Your responses are anonymous. The survey is open from 9 June to […]

Люди, прибывающие в Финляндию из Украины, обычно получают медицинские услуги в приёмном пункте


В Финляндии право на пользование медицинскими услугами обычно зависит от вашего муниципалитета проживания. Если у вас есть в Финляндии, вы можете пользоваться услугами государственной системы здравоохранения Финляндии по клиентской плате, установленной для жителя муниципалитета. Если вы прибыли в Финляндию из Украины, ваше право на медицинские услуги также может зависеть, например, от временной защиты, предоставления […]

Люди, які прибувають до Фінляндії з України, зазвичай отримують медичні послуги через приймальний центр


У Фінляндії право на користування медичними послугами, як правило, залежить від муніципалітету вашого проживання. Якщо у вас є  у Фінляндії, ви можете скористатися послугами фінської системи охорони здоров’я за клієнтську плату, встановлену для мешканця муніципалітету. Якщо ви прибули до Фінляндії з України, ваше право на медичні послуги також може ґрунтуватися, наприклад, на тимчасовому захисті, […]

People arriving in Finland from Ukraine usually receive health services through the reception centre


In Finland, the right to use health services is usually based on your municipality of residence. If you have a in Finland, you can use the services of the Finnish public healthcare system at the client fee set for a municipal resident. If you have arrived in Finland from Ukraine, your right to health […]

Contact Point’s Christmas calendar visited 24 international Christmas tables


We published the Christmas calendar on Facebook and Twitter. If you forgot to follow the journey on social media, don’t worry: you can still explore the atmosphere at Christmas tables worldwide. Also, remember to check out country-specific information on health services at when planning to travel. The country-specific pages contain reliable information about […]

Come and follow a delicious journey to international Christmas delicacies in Contact Point’s Christmas calendar!


Did you know that health services and their availability vary depending on the destination? The website offers on the health services of over 50 countries. The Christmas calendar will also cover many countries, as this year the traditional Christmas calendar of the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare (Rajis) will feature Christmas delicacies of […]

Country-specific pages offer information about the health services of your destination


Health services and their availability vary depending on the destination and searching for information from local sources can be challenging. The purpose of the is to provide travellers with reliable information about the destination’s local health care services, access to treatment, fees and reimbursements as well as the health care authorities. Although the country-specific […]