There will be amendments to the reimbursement model for seeking treatment independently. Our website content will be updated as soon as the amendments take effect. Read more: Changes to reimbursement of costs for treatment abroad You can now purchase medicines in Spain using a Finnish electronic prescription


You can now purchase medicines from pharmacies in six regions in Spain using a Finnish electronic prescription. The regions are: Aragon Basque Country Extremadura The Canary Islands Catalonia The Community of Madrid. Elsewhere in Spain, such as on the Costa del Sol, which is popular among Finns, preparations are still under way to implement […]

Kela: Changes to reimbursement of costs for treatment abroad


Parliament has approved amendments to the Act on Cross-Border Healthcare. The amendments will affect the reimbursements paid by Kela for medical treatment without prior authorisation in another EU or EEA country, Switzerland or the United Kingdom. Customers can seek treatment abroad with or without prior authorisation. Until the present amendments, Kela has reimbursed costs […] Finnish electronic prescriptions can now be used to purchase medicines in Poland


In Poland, medicines can now be purchased from almost all pharmacies using a Finnish prescription. Correspondingly, Polish electronic prescriptions can be used to buy medicines in Finland. In addition to Poland, Finnish prescriptions are accepted in Estonia, Portugal and Croatia. Checklist for purchasing prescription medicines abroad with a Finnish electronic prescription Before taking a […]

The Contact Point at the Matka Nordic Travel Fair 19–22 January 2023


You can ask and discuss health services and health care abroad at the Contact Point’s stand 6s59. At the fair, we will present the online service, which contains useful information for tourists about the health services of more than 50 countries. At the exhibition stand, you can also test your knowledge in a […]

Undocumented persons have the right to receive necessary healthcare services


The legislative amendment will better safeguard the right to indispensable care and adequate healthcare services under the Constitution and the human rights treaties that are binding on Finland. Under the UN human rights treaties, states have an obligation to safeguard the right to health equally for all persons in their territory. Undocumented adults have […]

Country-specific pages offer important information about health care for travellers


Health care coverage, quality and costs vary considerably from country to country. On our , you can learn about health care both within and outside Europe. The pages provide reliable information about situations in which you are entitled to medical treatment abroad, how to seek medical treatment and what you pay for treatment yourself. […]

User survey results published: website is viewed positively but needs to be made better known


The user survey was conducted in Finnish, Swedish and English. Most of the responses were in Finnish (340 responses). English was the second preferred option (66 responses) and Swedish the third (9 responses). We drew a €50 gift voucher to a grocery shop among the respondents; the winner lives in Porvoo. Users have a […]

Legislative proposal may change model for reimbursing cost of seeking treatment abroad


The amendments to the Act on Cross-Border Health Care will not enter into force on 1 January 2023 as the processing is still under way. Under current legislation, a patient can travel abroad for treatment either or with a . If a patient seeks treatment independently, Kela will reimburse the costs of treatment given […]

Visit the frequently asked questions on cross-border healthcare


Our provide answers to questions regarding seeking treatment, medicines, the European Health Insurance Card and reimbursement for treatment abroad, for example. The concise and clear answers will direct you to a section on our website where you can find more detailed information on the matter. If you are wondering about a specific problem related […]

Cookies on the website have collected visitor data without the visitor’s consent


Some cookies used on the website between 25 April and 30 August 2022 collected visitor data without appropriate consent. The site had about 123,000 visitors during that period. The cookies were used to track, for example, visitors’ navigation on the site and the results of advertising directing to the site. Similar cookies are […]