Contact Point’s Christmas calendar visited 24 international Christmas tables


We published the Christmas calendar on Facebook and Twitter. If you forgot to follow the journey on social media, don’t worry: you can still explore the atmosphere at Christmas tables worldwide. Also, remember to check out country-specific information on health services at when planning to travel. The country-specific pages contain reliable information about […]

Come and follow a delicious journey to international Christmas delicacies in Contact Point’s Christmas calendar!


Did you know that health services and their availability vary depending on the destination? The website offers on the health services of over 50 countries. The Christmas calendar will also cover many countries, as this year the traditional Christmas calendar of the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare (Rajis) will feature Christmas delicacies of […]

Country-specific pages offer information about the health services of your destination


Health services and their availability vary depending on the destination and searching for information from local sources can be challenging. The purpose of the is to provide travellers with reliable information about the destination’s local health care services, access to treatment, fees and reimbursements as well as the health care authorities. Although the country-specific […]

Why does the Contact Point advertise online?


The statutory task of the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare is to share information on healthcare in international situations. For example, we provide advice on health matters relating to patients’ rights, seeking treatment and moving abroad. We use paid advertising to help us accomplish this mission. Increasing traffic to the website through advertising With […]

Impact of COVID-19 reflected in statistics on seeking treatment in 2020


The statistics on cross-border health care can be found in the . There are also separate . The statistics contain information, for example, on which countries people from Finland sought treatment in and how Kela reimbursed for treatment provided abroad. Seeking treatment means that a person travels to another country without prior authorisation to […] EU Digital COVID Certificate available in Finland as of 22 June


The national COVID-19 vaccination certificate will automatically be replaced by the EU Digital COVID Certificate in the My Kanta Pages. A national COVID-19 vaccination certificate stored on a mobile phone or printed out from the My Kanta Pages, for example, should also be replaced by the EU Digital COVID Certificate, which is more widely […]

The website provides reliable information on using healthcare services – this is how we ensure that the content is up to date


The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare distributes information on the use of health care services in Finland and abroad. In 2015, we launched the online service, which is our central channel for communicating on these issues. Initially, the service was called but, at the end of 2019, we chose a new name […]

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health recommends that municipalities also provide COVID-19 vaccination to people who do not have a municipality of residence in Finland


According to the recommendation, you would be entitled to receive the vaccination from your temporary municipality of residence free of charge even if you do not have a permanent municipality of residence or other right to receive preventive public healthcare services in Finland. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health’s recommendation applies to all […] Easier access to medical care for foreign seasonal workers


Seasonal workers include the workers who work in the farming, market gardening or tourism sectors but not for example those hired to pick wild berries. It is also in the employer’s interests to ensure that their workers have a right to medical care. Employers can ask Kela to determine a seasonal worker’s right to […]

Right to medical care to remain largely unchanged also with the new Brexit agreement


If you move between Finland and the United Kingdom after 1 January 2021, your right to treatment is determined in the same way as before. With the new agreement, the UK is largely treated in the same way as an EU country in terms of the right to medical care. This means that if […]