Update to the brand of the Contact Point for Cross-Border Health Care


The Contact Point for Cross-Border Health Care has updated its brand for increased consistency. The aim of the update is to clarify the communications and website, and to increase awareness of the Contact Point.

The new brand instructions for the Contact Point for Cross-Border Health Care has been completed and deployed across communications and the EU-healthcare.fi website. Our goal is to be an easily approachable authority that serves the customer and distributes reliable information about cross-border health care and patient rights. Our brand efforts involved updating the visual look and clarifying the communication methods of the Contact Point.

How did we update the brand?

The brand work stemmed from a need to clarify and facilitate the daily communications of the Contact Point. We started out by considering the values of the Contact Point and the language used for communications. We also used a survey to determine the types of impressions customers and interest groups have about the Contact Point and how well people know us.

The results indicated that the Contact Point is not very well known. Generally speaking, respondents found the Contact Point to seem reliable and the information provided on the EU-healthcare.fi website to be important. That said, there was some criticism about the busy colour scheme and the fact that the party maintaining the site was not immediately apparent on the pages. We have tried to address these issues in our brand work.

Updated visual scheme

The update is particularly apparent in the visual scheme of the contact point. The new look is part of everything we do from events and social media to the web pages and communication materials.

In order to build a more reliable and informative impression, we streamlined the colours and illustrations used. New photos were also procured for the contact point in connection to the brand update.

The web pages display the new visual scheme

Over the course of June, we updated the visual scheme of the EU-healthcare.fi website. The design of the new look started with the notion of calming and refreshing the viewing experience of the site. The aim of the scheme is to simplify and facilitate site usage, with special consideration to those who access the pages using mobile devices. We will continue the development efforts in the autumn by updating the functionalities and structure of the site.

We will keep developing our operations

We constantly strive to improve our services so that we can help our customers in the best possible way and distribute information on matters related to cross-border health care.

If you have suggestions on developing the communications or online service of the Contact Point, please contact us via the feedback form on the EU-healthcare.fi website.