Kanta.fi: If you consent, your patient data can be accessed in Estonia


You can now give your consent in MyKanta for the transfer of your patient data to other European countries. Initially, patient data will only be accessible by Estonian health care services. This reform will improve the exchange of health data and the quality of care.

It is vital for high-quality care that health care professionals have access to up-to-date health data on their patients, even if they are from abroad. You can now give your consent in MyKanta to the disclosure of your patient to Estonian health care services if you are receiving treatment in Estonia. If you have given consent, health care professionals in Estonia will be able to quickly access your key health data if you seek medical treatment in Estonia.

The exchange of patient data across European borders improves the continuity of care and patient safety in Finland. This will be particularly beneficial to patients who need urgent care while travelling abroad and to people who are relocating from one country to another.

Rapid and centralised access to key patient data

The electronic transmission of data across borders takes place using Patient Summaries. A Patient Summary is a compilation of your key health information. A health care professional viewing your Patient Summary will see limited patient data that was previously recorded about you in Finland.

The Patient Summary sent to Estonia is compiled from the health and medication data entered about you in the Kanta Services in Finland. The information disclosed may include data on your allergies, medications and diagnoses, etc.

Health care professionals in Estonia will not have direct access to your patient data. Your data cannot be disclosed to health care services in another European country without your consent.

It will later become possible to send patient data to other European countries, and from other European countries to Finland. New countries will be added this year. It is estimated that it will be possible to transfer patient data from other European countries to Finnish health care through Kanta Services from early 2025.

Source: kanta.fi