Survey finds Contact Point reliable and professional


In May, the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare carried out a survey on customers’ and stakeholders’ perception of the activities of the Contact Point. The results show that while the respondents are interested in issues related to international medical care, the Contact Point is still unknown to many.

Collecting information to improve service

We are developing the operations of the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare to be able to serve our customers and partners even better. The Contact Point distributes information on using health services in Finland and abroad. Our primary service channels are and our email customer service (

We wanted to find out how our customers and partners see the Contact Point, so we conducted a survey of the Contact Point’s customer panel and stakeholders, among others. The survey included questions related to mental images of the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare, the website and people’s awareness of us. We were also interested in hearing what kind of issues related to international medical care the respondents consider important for their work or personal lives.

Room for improvement in awareness

The survey had a total of 170 responses. The respondents thought that the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare seems reliable and professional. On the other hand, there is room for improvement in clarity and comprehensibility.

The results highlighted the fact that no many respondents are familiar with the Contact Point. Most of the respondents estimated that they knew the Contact Point rather poorly or not at all. Few respondents considered the Contact Point to be a familiar and well-known actor.

The respondents to the survey also provided comments on the website. The site was praised for having a lot of important information, but some respondents wished that it was clearer.

Cross-border health care interests people

In addition to people’s mental images of the Contact Point, we wanted to find out how interested the respondents are in the matters about which we share information. Information that the respondents of the survey considered important included information on getting sick abroad, reimbursement of costs and patients’ rights.

Survey results help in development of activities

The results of the survey gave us more reasons to improve people’s awareness of the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare. We have already started this work. For example, we aim to refresh the Contact Point brand and look, better understand our customer groups and clarify the website.

We are happy to receive feedback

Suggestions for improving our activities or our site are always welcome. You can give feedback through the feedback form at