Follow our Advent Calendar!


Crisp winter days, glittering Christmas ornaments, beautiful lights and abundant selection of Christmas chocolates say it loud and clear – December and Christmas are just around the corner!

We at Rajis – Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare – also look forward to Christmas very much, and the Advent Calendar plays a key part in this. Follow our Advent Calendar on Facebook or Twitter and join in on our beautiful journey towards Christmas. The windows hide 24 different ways of celebrating Christmas, with an international twist of course. The Advent Calendar will be published in Finnish.

The elves at Rajis wish you a merry Christmas season

PS Heading abroad for Christmas? Take a look at the tips in case you fall ill on holiday and have a care-free vacation. The country-specific pages also provide information on the health services of over 50 countries.

The Advent Calendar plays a key part in Christmas.