United Arab Emirates

In emergencies call 998 (ambulance) to obtain help.

Healthcare and medical care

The United Arab Emirates have a state-funded public healthcare system as well as a growing private healthcare sector. Healthcare and medical services are widely available, including in English. This also applies to dental care. There are several high-quality hospitals in the country. In other respects, however, the quality of services varies. Some tourist hotels may also provide medical services.

A list of public and private healthcare facilities in the United Arab Emirates is available on the British Embassy website. Good private hospitals include

  • Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
  • Harley Street Medical Centre
  • Burjeel
  • Mediclinic (Al Noor office in Abu Dhabi and Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai).

The costs of healthcare and medical services are high, and comprehensive insurance is, as a rule, essential for receiving treatment. When travelling to the United Arab Emirates, comprehensive travel insurance is therefore necessary, and travel insurance should also cover a possible ambulance flight. In case of illness, contact your insurance company. They will advise you in more detail about the procedures and any hospitals that have direct debit with your insurance company.

Repatriation of a sick or deceased person is expensive and difficult to arrange without comprehensive travel insurance, and treatment is not always available abroad without a payment commitment or advance payment. Always take your travel insurance document, for example a travel insurance card, and passport with you when using healthcare services. As a rule, you can pay either in cash or with an international credit card. You can seek reimbursement from your insurance company afterwards on submission of receipts.


Medicines are widely available, and the network of pharmacies is extensive. Some pharmacies are open 24 hours a day. Some medicines manufactured abroad may be more expensive than in Finland, and not all the same medicines are available.

Prescription medicines and other medicines imported by tourists are restricted by the health authorities of the United Arab Emirates. You can obtain information on importing medicines from the country’s Ministry of Health and Prevention, and the country’s government portal.

Counterfeit medicines may occur, although this is rare.