Public healthcare

This website contains the contact information of wellbeing services counties, on-call hospitals, maternity hospitals and units for rare diseases.

Client fees within public healthcare

The client must receive an invoice for the client fee and a specific decision concerning the client fee. The invoice or decision must be accompanied by appeal instructions. Prepare your appeal concerning a public health care client fee within 30 days of having received the decision. If necessary, the patient ombudsman can help you […]

Supervision of healthcare in Finland

Valvira guides and supervises the operations of healthcare professionals and healthcare units in both the public and the private sector. The task of Valvira is to maintain the investigate a complaint when it is suspected that a medical error or malpractice has contributed to the death or severe injury (in any other case, the […]

Availability of treatment in Finland

Maximum times for access to treatment in public health care Access to first aid and emergency treatment must be provided immediately, regardless of the patient’s place of residence. For emergency treatment, there are emergency clinics at health centres and hospitals. Non-urgent medical care is provided at health centres. Specific time limits have been set […]