User survey results published: website is viewed positively but needs to be made better known


In June 2022, we conducted a user survey on the website. Through the survey, we wanted to find out, for example, what kind of information users were looking for, what they felt was good on the website and what needed improvement. We received in total 415 responses.

The user survey was conducted in Finnish, Swedish and English. Most of the responses were in Finnish (340 responses). English was the second preferred option (66 responses) and Swedish the third (9 responses). We drew a €50 gift voucher to a grocery shop among the respondents; the winner lives in Porvoo.

Users have a positive view of the website

In general, users had a positive view of the website. They said they particularly appreciated its clear layout, the extensive amount of information and the intelligibly presented content.

Users had most commonly found their way to the website via social media or a search engine. Several respondents also said they had explored the website in connection with an event, for example.

Based on the survey, users most commonly searched the website for information for themselves or for someone close to them. They were particularly looking for information on what do if you suddenly fall ill abroad. Other themes users found interesting were patient rights and questions related to medicines and travelling.

Website needs to be made better known

We also asked our users how they felt the website should be developed. They said they found the website useful but thought that it is not sufficiently well known. Many of the responses stated that the website should be made better known. Users also felt that information could be presented in a more diverse way on the website, for example, with the help of checklists. Adding new functions to the website was also suggested: users particularly requested for the opportunity to chat with a customer service person.

Contact Point will continue to work on the survey results

Many areas of improvement were raised in the user survey, and we will now continue to further analyse the results.

“We are very pleased that so many website users responded to the survey. We will now continue to review the results and decide on the next steps for the website,” says Mira Rantakeisu, expert at the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare.