Country-specific pages offer important information about health care for travellers


Our country-specific pages are a useful source of information for those travelling abroad. They bring together information about health care and patients’ rights in more than 50 countries. This autumn, we have updated the country descriptions with information about medicines and prescriptions in particular.

Health care coverage, quality and costs vary considerably from country to country. On our country-specific pages, you can learn about health care both within and outside Europe. The pages provide reliable information about situations in which you are entitled to medical treatment abroad, how to seek medical treatment and what you pay for treatment yourself. In addition, we have compiled information about local health care practices and authorities. This is particularly useful when you wish to seek treatment abroad independently.

In addition to reviewing the country pages, you should also save the emergency number of your destination country and write down the contact details of the local health authorities before your trip. Be sure to bring your European Health Insurance Card if you are travelling to an EU or EEA country, Switzerland or the United Kingdom. The European Health Insurance Card helps you get treatment if you suddenly fall ill abroad. You should always take out travel insurance for trips to cover more serious illness and the related costs if necessary.

Updates to prescriptions and page structure

We update the country-specific pages every autumn in cooperation with the national contact points of Europe and the embassies of Finland. This autumn, we have added information about medicines and prescriptions in particular, which often include country-specific differences. We have updated the information regarding, among other things, the validity periods of prescriptions and the use of electronic prescriptions. These updates make it easier to find information on the website about what to take into account when buying prescription medicines abroad.

In addition to the changes in content, we have made the structure of the country pages clearer and made language corrections in the texts. This has made the pages more coherent, user-friendly and accessible. These are the themes that we are constantly working on.

In addition to the country-specific pages, check out the Holiday in Europe checklist and our examples of cross-border health care situations.