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What is the European Health Insurance Card? Is an electronic prescription valid abroad? Can I receive reimbursement if I seek treatment abroad? You can find answers to these and many other questions in the recently updated Frequently Asked Questions section on the website.

Our Frequently Asked Questions pages provide answers to questions regarding seeking treatment, medicines, the European Health Insurance Card and reimbursement for treatment abroad, for example. The concise and clear answers will direct you to a section on our website where you can find more detailed information on the matter. If you are wondering about a specific problem related to international medical care, you should visit the Frequently Asked Questions section.

The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare provides advice for customers also via e-mail. We updated the Frequently Asked Questions section with questions that we are often asked through customer service.

People have questions about moving and travelling

Our customer service is often asked about situations involving moving. For example, students are interested in how they can receive medical care during exchange studies. For many, it is a surprise that moving permanently abroad often means you are no longer covered by Finnish social security. Therefore, we added a page dealing with situations involving moving in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Another frequently asked question concerns reimbursement for travel costs related to treatment received abroad. Many wonder whether the European Health Insurance Card covers hospital transport (such as an ambulance flight) from abroad to Finland. The Frequently Asked Questions page now includes a section on travel, explaining that the patient usually bears hospital transport costs between countries.

Using a prescription written in another country

We often get questions about medicines here at the customer service. Using prescriptions written in another country is of particular interest to our customers – many do not know that prescriptions written within the EU area are usually valid in pharmacies, provided that they contain the necessary information.

Purchasing or bringing medicines to another country is a concern for our customers who intend to stay abroad for longer. You can also find answers to these questions in the section on medications and prescriptions on the Frequently Asked Questions pages.

You can also reach the Contact Point by e-mail

If you cannot find the information you are looking for in the Frequently Asked Questions section or elsewhere on our website, you can also send us an e-mail at We provide general advice on matters related to cross-border health care. We help both private people and healthcare professionals. We do not process applications or personal data.