Reimbursement for treatment abroad

Receiving reimbursement usually requires that corresponding treatment would have been provided in Finland’s public health care. The reimbursed treatment must be included in the service choices of the Finnish health care system. The Council for Choices in Health Care, established under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, determines the service choices for health care. […]

Treatment costs in private health care

In private health care, doctors’ fees are usually based on the average time that a doctor takes to treat a patient at their clinic and the related work performed before and after meeting with the client, such as reviewing the patient documents, writing the epicrisis and reviewing the examination results. Doctors at private health care […]

If you are dissatisfied with Kela’s decision

Decision on entitlement to care If you are dissatisfied with Kela’s decision on your entitlement to care, you can appeal against it to Kela. If, in Kela’s opinion, the decision cannot be rectified in the way you wish, you can appeal to the Social Security Appeal Board. You can appeal against the decision of the […]