If the patient cannot decide on their treatment

If the opinion of the patient’s next of kin or legal representative cannot be established, the patient must be treated in a manner that can be considered to be in their best interest. This is also done when the people providing consent have differences of opinion. The patient’s next of kin or legal representative […]

Status of an underage patient

If the age and level of development of an underage patient allow them to make decisions concerning their treatment, then treatment must be provided in cooperation with the patient. If an underage patient is able to decide on their treatment, they may forbid the provision of information concerning their state of health and treatment […]

Patient rights

Right to good care and treatment You have the right to good healthcare and medical care. Healthcare professionals must respect your beliefs, privacy and dignity while providing treatment. Whenever possible, your mother tongue, culture and individual needs must be taken into account during your treatment. Healthcare services must not discriminate patients based on their […]