Frequently asked questions on cross-border healthcare

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Service choices in healthcare in Finland

As a general rule, service choices in healthcare comprise medically and dentally justified disease prevention examinations to detect an illness treatment rehabilitation. The aim is to use only examination, treatment and rehabilitation methods that are effective, reasonable in terms of cost and safe in the Finnish healthcare system. For this reason, the service choices […]

Accessibility of services in Finland

What does accessibility mean? Accessibility is a broad concept, which is defined as follows: Physical accessibility of the environment, for example, the accessibility of interior spaces and outdoor areas. Information and communication accessibility, which includes accessibility to electronic services. Accessibility to services, for example, interaction with personnel and non-discrimination in client encounters. The most […]

Quality of treatment in Finland

The service provided by the healthcare system must be of high quality, safe and appropriately organised. You are entitled to good healthcare and medical care and related treatment. Good care and treatment consist of, for example, the quality of treatment, patient safety, equality and professionalism and competence of the personnel. A high quality health […]

Availability of treatment in Finland

Maximum times for access to treatment in public health care Access to first aid and emergency treatment must be provided immediately, regardless of the patient’s place of residence. For emergency treatment, there are emergency clinics at health centres and hospitals. Non-urgent medical care is provided at health centres. Specific time limits have been set […]