Purchasing medication abroad

You can buy medicines from other EU or EEA countries either with a separate paper prescription or with an electronic prescription. Paper prescription for purchasing medication abroad You can ask the prescribing professional for a prescription that is valid in EU and EEA countries. The prescription is called a ‘Medical prescription for purchasing medication […]

Medications and prescriptions

Can I buy medicines from a Finnish pharmacy with a prescription issued abroad? You can from a Finnish pharmacy if the medication in question is licensed for sale in Finland. The prescription must include the details of the patient, the prescription’s date of issue, the details and signature of the prescriber and information about […]

Using a foreign medical prescription in Finland

Prescriptions written in other EU or EEA countries or Switzerland must be filled in Finland if they carry the following information: patient’s surname, first name and date of birth prescription’s date of issue information on the prescribing professional: surname, first name, professional qualification, direct contact information (e-mail address and phone number or fax with […]

Medicines and medical prescriptions

For medication to be purchased in another EU country, the doctor prints out a medical prescription from the Kanta.fi system for purchasing medication abroad in place of a patient guide. Electronic prescriptions are also valid in Estonia, Portugal, Croatia, Poland and Spain. The Finnish electronic prescription will gradually become valid also in other EU […]