Reimbursement of costs

Will I be reimbursed for treatment costs if I fall ill while travelling abroad? By presenting the European Health Insurance Card in an EU or EEA country, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland or Switzerland, you will receive medically necessary treatment at the same price as local residents. If you do not have the European Health […]

Treatment costs when you seek treatment in Finland

EU and EEA countries are liable to reimburse treatment provided in Finland. Other countries may reimburse treatment provided in Finland if it is provided in their national legislation. The treatment provider may charge you for treatment costs beforehand as an advance payment. The amount of this payment may not exceed the estimated treatment costs. You […]

Costs of medically necessary treatment

Your European Health Insurance Card, identification or passport must be valid during your treatment. If you do not have a European Health Insurance Card or another certificate of right to treatment, you will generally be liable to pay the costs of any treatment provided in Finland. Your insurance company may cover the costs if you […]

Treatment costs in Finland for foreign patients

A client fee may be charged to patients in Finnish public health care under the client fee legislation. Instead of the actual fee provided for in the Act or Decree on Client Charges in Healthcare and Social Welfare, you can be charged the actual costs of the treatment in the following cases: However, even if […]

Costs of accompanying person’s accommodation in Finland and abroad

You will receive reimbursement for the accompanying person’s travel costs if the treatment personnel have determined that an accompanying person is necessary due to your illness. The accompanying person’s travel costs will also be reimbursed if the participation of a family member in your treatment is necessary. If the patient is an under-age child, an […]

Costs of assistive devices of health care services in Finland and abroad

In Finland, the wellbeing services counties are most often responsible for handing over assistive devices to the residents of the municipality. Kela, the insurance institutions and employment pension institutes, employment services and the State Treasury will cover the costs of assistive device services for which they are responsible. In Finland, assistive device services are usually […]

Travel relating to treatment provided abroad

You can receive reimbursement for travel costs, if Kela will mainly reimburse travel costs according to the cheapest means of travel and to the nearest place of treatment. If you have been granted prior authorisation for treatment in another EU or EEA country, the United Kingdom or Switzerland, your travel costs will be reimbursed up […]

Reimbursement for treatment abroad

Receiving reimbursement usually requires that corresponding treatment would have been provided in Finland’s public health care. The reimbursed treatment must be included in the service choices of the Finnish health care system. The Council for Choices in Health Care, established under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, determines the service choices for health care. […]

Rehabilitation costs abroad

If you need rehabilitation as a result of a traffic accident, occupational accident or occupational disease, Kela is not responsible for arranging rehabilitation. It is the responsibility of the insurance company. Agree in advance with your insurance company on the procedures if you intend to go abroad to obtain rehabilitation. If Kela is responsible for […]

Costs and reimbursements of treatment abroad

The starting point for treatment abroad is that the client is responsible for the health care costs. EU legislation and international conventions on social security signed by Finland may alter this situation and relieve you from your liability to pay all of the costs of treatment. You will pay the same client fee as the […]