Student — have you explored the EU healthcare website?


Going abroad for exchange studies or to do a degree or practical training is an exciting time. You need to look for an apartment and affordable airline tickets. When getting used to a new daily life, you should also be prepared for surprises. It is therefore particularly important to find out how healthcare is organized in your country of destination.

The website, organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the National Institute for Health and Welfare and the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, contains up-to-date information on health services abroad and in Finland. The site is maintained by the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare. The content is available in Finnish, Swedish and English and partly also in Sámi.

For students, the website is particularly useful when planning practical training, exchange studies or studying for a full degree abroad. You will find comprehensive information about the healthcare practices of various countries, the European Health Insurance Card and seeking treatment. You can, for example, explore the health services of your destination country. Every EU country has its own Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare. You can contact the point, if you need more information about the healthcare of the country in question.

When you have looked into the availability of treatment in a foreign country in advance, dealing with unexpected situations is easier. Before departure, it is important that you take care of matters related to social security, insurance and medication, among other things. The website includes a separate section and a checklist for students, making it easier for you to prepare for your trip. In addition, if necessary, the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare gives advice by e-mail on issues related to seeking treatment, costs and rights.

Website highlights for students going abroad