Accessibility of the online service is at a good level


The Web Accessibility Directive and subsequent national legislation require public authorities to make digital services accessible. The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare published an accessibility statement on its website on 23 September 2020. You can read the statement here.

Accessibility is especially important for people with sensory impairments. However, the good accessibility of online services benefits all of us – it may be that at some point in our lives, we need assistance to access online services. Accessible online services ensure that as many people as possible can access online services as easily as possible.

What makes for an accessible online service?

An accessible online service is easy and convenient to use in terms of content, structure and functionality. This means, for example, that

  • images and diagrams are provided with descriptive texts for screen readers
  • attention is paid to the colours and fonts of the content
  • the content is presented logically, and
  • the material on the website is in easily understandable language.

How has accessibility been taken into account on the website?

We have taken accessibility into account on the site since its inception. The website adapts to different terminals, so you can also easily use it with a smartphone and tablet. We also provide information in an easy-to-use format for the sensory impaired through, for example, the ReadSpeaker Listen function, which allows the text on the website to be read aloud to you. We have customised the contrast and fonts to make the site as easy to use as possible for visually impaired people, for example.

The website is also available in sign language in both Finnish and Finnish-Swedish. It is easy to change the language version through the language menu on top of each page. In addition, we always pay attention to providing the information as clearly and logically as possible.

Accessibility statement indicates the accessibility status of our website

We published an accessibility statement on our website on 23 September 2020. From the statement, you can easily find out the accessibility level of the site and any issues we may still be working on. We carried out the accessibility survey in collaboration with our technical website partner. We will update the accessibility statement at regular intervals.

The website will be constantly developed, and we will continue to work to improve the accessibility. If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve the accessibility of the website, you can send them to us through the Give feedback link.