Fifth year of to begin: content modifications and a new name

3.10.2019 will celebrate its fourth anniversary at the beginning of October in the midst of work. These four years have involved non-stop development of the site including revamping the contents, structure and look together with our clients. Client feedback has also played a crucial role in our next renewal: will change its name next year.

What has already changed and what is yet to come? We listed below the most important improvements of this year and those yet to come.

Information concerning the freedom of choice in health care in Finland moved to the site

  • Information concerning the selection of a health centre, hospital and other health services in Finland is provided at the website starting from May 2019.
  • After this change, we changed the name of the ‘Choose your place of treatment’ section to ‘Health services in Finland’. focuses on cross-border healthcare

  • With the content changes, the focus of our website became more specific: provides guidance in international health care situations.
  • We renewed our home page and included in it information requested by our clients: contact information, links to frequently asked questions, themed pages and our blog as well as a ‘social media wall’ displaying the Contact Point’s most recent publications in social media.

Updated and clearer contents

  • The contents and structure of the Medicines, What you pay, Health services abroad and Healthcare in Finland sections were updated early in the year.
  • The Contact Point’s page was revamped and we are hard at work on the page telling about reference networks for rare diseases.
  • Country-specific pages of the Country-specific information about health services section will be updated during the autumn and we will also possibly add new country pages.
  • We are monitoring changes in the health care sector and legislation that often also impact our website. For example, Brexit, i.e. the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, will cause changes to our website.
  • Next year, we will update our sign language site by scripting and filming new videos in sign language.
  • We will also be thinking about information related to legislation and what would be the best way of providing the said information on our website that would allow readers to find the information they need easily.
  • We will prepare more themed pages and stories telling about cases of cross-border healthcare.
  • Accessibility requirements require minor technical changes to our website and we will prepare an accessibility report. gets a new name

  • The website name will change at the turn of the year – we will release the new name at the end of this year, so stay tuned!
  • Originally, the idea of changing the website name was based on client feedback. Clients have also had the chance to participate in the selection of the new name.
  • The goal was to come up with a name that would better describe the website’s current contents and international aspect.

Would you be interested in participating in the development of the website?

We are continuously developing our website together with our clients. Would you like to join in in the development work? Read about our customer panel and contact us!