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The online service has adopted a new name, The new name expresses the service’s international dimension and its contents focusing on cross-border health care more clearly.

The online service opened in 2015 and is maintained by the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare. There is a similar contact point in every EU country.

Why change the name?

Over the past four years, we have redesigned the contents, structure and appearance of the online service in cooperation with our customers. The idea to change the name was also sparked by customer feedback.

At events and in workshops and other interactions, we noticed that the name raised a lot of questions, and the purpose and content of the website were sometimes left unclear. Some people assumed that, in addition or instead of health care, our website provided information about childcare, for example. The international aspect and, for example, country-specific information about health services often escaped people’s attention due to the name.

Changes to the website’s contents also contributed to the name change. Originally, also provided information on choosing a health centre, hospital and other health services in Finland. In May 2019, this information connected to the freedom of choice in Finnish health care was moved to

The changes to contents also sharpened the focus of the online service. focuses on cross-border health care and international health care situations. The target group is large. We provide guidance to people leaving Finland for treatment abroad and those who fall ill during their stay abroad as well as foreigners coming to Finland for treatment or who fall ill during their stay in Finland.

New name chosen with the help of customers and partners

From feedback and planning to action; we started our search for a new name at the beginning of this year. We sketched out and tested potential names in cooperation with our partners and customers. We wanted to find out what kind of impressions the potential names made and what would be a good name for the online service.

In the final stretch, a clear favourite emerged: An online service that provides reliable information on health services and using them abroad, especially in the EU area.

You can read more about our search for and choice of a new name in Pia Blomqvist’s blog post (in Finnish).

Explore the site and give feedback

The name changed, but the development of the online service continues in cooperation with customers. You can give feedback or participate in the development work through our customer panel.