Country-specific pages offer information about the health services of your destination


The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare has compiled country-specific information on local health care services of more than 50 countries on the website. Country-specific information is particularly useful if you suddenly fall ill during a trip.

Health services and their availability vary depending on the destination and searching for information from local sources can be challenging. The purpose of the country-specific pages is to provide travellers with reliable information about the destination’s local health care services, access to treatment, fees and reimbursements as well as the health care authorities.

Although the country-specific pages are specifically meant to help you in the event of a sudden illness, they are also useful when the purpose of your trip is to use local health care services.

Read up on your destination’s information already before the trip

When you familiarise yourself with the health services of the destination in advance, you will know what to do in the event of a sudden illness. Remember to at least save the destination country’s local emergency number on your phone and find out what kind of documents you need to get treatment. Also familiarise yourself with practices related to fees and reimbursements. More information is available through the links to reliable local health care websites that have been added to the country-specific pages.

The country-specific pages will be collectively updated every autumn and, if needed, during the other seasons. The update will be implemented in cooperation with the Contact Points for Cross-Border Healthcare and embassies.

In addition to the country-specific pages, check out the Travel and coronavirus page when planning to travel. You can find a helpful traveller’s checklist on the Holiday in Europe page.