Contact Point to participate in the SuomiAreena Kansalaistori in Pori on 15–19 July 2019


You can visit the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare in the SuomiAreena Kansalaistori in Pori on 15–19 July 2019. Contact Point will share a tent with Kela and the Kanta services at the edge of Pori’s Kauppatori market square.

At the tent, you can talk with experts from the Contact Point, Kela and Kanta services and find out about the services provided. You can also take part in a light-hearted dice-throwing game or get yourself a lovely Kela-Kerttu transfer image.

Contact Point gives advice on the use of health services abroad

The Contact Point gives advice about international situations, such as how to go abroad for treatment, the rights of patients or how treatment is reimbursed. There is a Contact Point For Cross-Border Healthcare in every EU country. In Finland, the Contact Point serves through the and by e-mail.

“The website is intended as help for everyone who needs treatment outside Finnish borders for any reason. Traveller’s checklist and information on the health care systems of over 50 countries provide useful information for travellers,” explains Contact Point planner Pia Blomqvist.

Kanta provides for a unique set of social and health care services

Kanta produces digital social and health care services that benefit the citizens as well as social welfare and healthcare service providers. Citizens can access the Kanta services both in Finland and abroad.

The Kanta services include, for example, My Kanta Pages and Prescription service. In My Kanta Pages, you can browse your own medical records, prescriptions and the records of a child under the age of 10 in your care. In My Kanta Pages, you can also send a request for a prescription renewal or enter information about your wellbeing by using the wellbeing applications. At SuomiAreena, you get to explore the use of the My Kanta Pages and talk with an expert.

The possibility of using a Finnish electronic prescription to buy medications abroad was introduced in January. The first countries offering the service are Estonia and Croatia. “Visit us at the tent to hear what the cross-border prescription service can offer to travellers,” encourages Miia Luoma from the communications unit of the Kanta services.

Events at SuomiAreena are open for everyone

SuomiAreena will be organised in Pori already for the 14th time. The forum offers lively discussions about Finnish society in a relaxed summer atmosphere. Besides the discussions, the programme includes music, physical exercise and plays. All events are open and free for all. The main themes of the event are future know-how and innovations. The Kansalaistori central square is open from 9 am to 5 pm on Monday, 10 am to 5 pm from Tuesday to Thursday and 10 am to 4 pm on Friday.

SuomiAreena will get a lot of media coverage during the week. Programme from the Areena will be broadcast on the MTV3 channel. You can also follow the events at