The nickname for the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare is Rajis


In February, the Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare was looking for a nickname that would roll off the tongue easier. There was an impressive amount of answers and suggestions: suggested names included RYTY, Rajapiste, RAITA-piste, Ryppi, FINIS and PanTer.

After careful consideration, the jury decided to choose the Finnish nickname Rajis for the contact point. According to the jury, the name trips off the tongue, is close to the official Finnish name of the contact point and sounds gentle. You can spot our fresh nickname, for example, on Twitter @rajayhteyspiste and at various events.

All suggestions that took part in the voting entered a raffle. The board game Menolippu Eurooppa (Ticket to Ride Europe) will be mailed to the winner in Helsinki. Rajis would like to thank all participants!

What contact point?

The Contact Point for Cross-Border Healthcare distributes information on the use of health care services in Finland and abroad. We give guidance to people leaving Finland to seek treatment abroad and to those who fall ill while staying abroad. We also advise people who come to Finland for treatment and those who fall ill during their stay in our country. We distribute information through the website and the contact point’s Twitter account. We also respond to enquiries sent to yhteyspiste(at)