Reimbursement of costs

Will I be reimbursed for treatment costs if I fall ill while travelling abroad? By presenting the European Health Insurance Card in an EU or EEA country, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland or Switzerland, you will receive medically necessary treatment at the same price as local residents. If you do not have the European […]

Reimbursement for medicines purchased abroad

Medicine costs incurred abroad can also be reimbursed to persons who do not live in Finland but are covered by health insurance in Finland through their work. A family member of a person working in Finland, who lives in another EU country, may also be eligible for reimbursement. Medicines purchased in an EU or […]

Reimbursements for medicines purchased in Finland

Kela pays reimbursements for prescribed medicines, clinical nutritional products and basic ointments to people who reside in Finland and are covered by health insurance in the country. In some cases, reimbursements can be paid on the basis of international conventions to persons from outside the EU area. At any one time, Kela can only […]

Reimbursements for medicine expenses

Medicines are reimbursed in three categories: The basic reimbursement is 40 % of the medicine’s price or reference price. The lower special reimbursement is 65 % of the medicine’s price or reference price The higher special reimbursement is 100 % of the medicine’s price or reference price for the portion that exceeds the medicine-specific […]

Reimbursement for overnight accommodation in Finland and abroad

Kela will reimburse the costs of overnight accommodation at the place of treatment or rehabilitation if you need to stay the night in order to be on time for the examination, treatment or rehabilitation when public transport connections are lacking; in order to avoid two-way travelling between your home and the place of treatment […]

Reimbursement of travel costs if you seek treatment abroad

If you travel outside of the EU or EEA countries, Switzerland or United Kingdom for the purpose of using health care services, your travel costs will not be reimbursed. Claim . Travel relating to treatment provided with a prior authorisation If Kela has granted you prior authorisation for treatment in another EU or EEA […]

Reimbursement of travel costs if you suddenly become ill abroad

If you have become ill or have required treatment on account of pregnancy or childbirth in another EU or EEA country, United Kingdom or in Switzerland, your costs of travel will be reimbursed to the nearest place of treatment within the country in question. In addition to Kela, the country where you are staying […]

Reimbursement for treatment abroad

Receiving reimbursement usually requires that corresponding treatment would have been provided in Finland’s public health care. The reimbursed treatment must be included in the service choices of the Finnish health care system. The Council for Choices in Health Care, established under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, determines the service choices for health […]

Reimbursement of travel costs for patients from abroad

You can receive reimbursement from Kela for travel costs related to your treatment, if you are permanently residing in Finland or covered by Finnish health insurance you are covered by health insurance in another EU or EEA country, the United Kingdom, Switzerland or Australia and you have received medically necessary treatment during your temporary […]

Travel relating to treatment provided in Finland

Kela reimburses travel costs relating to treatment for clients living in Finland for clients living abroad who are covered by health insurance in Finland or whose health care costs Finland is responsible for for clients who are entitled to treatment in Finland on the basis of EU legislation or an international agreement. For example, […]