Health services in Finland

Information about the freedom of choice in healthcare in Finland has been moved to the website If you are looking for information about the freedom of choice in healthcare in Finland, such as your right to choose a health centre or hospital, you can find the information in the online service Continue to […]

Help in emergencies in Finland

In emergencies you are entitled to receive emergency medical care, such as dental treatment, mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment at any public healthcare unit in Finland. Emergency treatment refers to the immediate assessment and treatment required in the case of sudden illness, injury, worsening of a long-term illness or deterioration of functional ability. […]


Accessibility is a broad concept, which is defined as follows: Physical accessibility of the environment, for example, the accessibility of interior spaces and outdoor areas. Information and communication accessibility, which includes accessibility to electronic services. Accessibility to services, for example, interaction with personnel and non-discrimination in client encounters. Health centres and hospitals vary considerably with […]